SPOT International CEO visits Manila amidst a typhoon

October 2015, Manila, Philippines—SPOT International Founder and CEO, Lorna McDougall Johnston, is passionate about teaching others how to set their goals and how to make them a reality. She has a vast experience in training people and teams to get the results they want in their personal lives and as companies. She recently visited her home country of Philippines and offered a specialized training for a group of local entrepreneurs and sales representatives.

The day of the training a heavy typhoon hit the city, and many events were cancelled and closed throughout the town, but Lorna was there, prepared to receive all who wanted to come and learn. “What amazed me most is how many people showed up and wanted to be there, in spite of the weather conditions,” said Lorna. Everyone traveled in these conditions just to be part of this course, regardless of lack of public transportation because of the heavy downpour. Participants created vision boards, and left empowered to believe in themselves, reach their goals, and live a better life.

One of the participants has been thrilled since the presentation. “I really learned a lot… it was beyond my expectation,” Ara R. wrote to Lorna soon after. “It’s not only for the sake of my business, but definitely it improves my personality as an individual… I have a clearer vision now of my dreams…. At first I thought a four-hour training would be very long… but there is no boring moment being with you! I’m so happy and blessed to be one of your students!”


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