What Will Students Learn?

Soft Skills. There are 13 key areas of soft skills that will be developed:

  • Communication Skills (verbal, body language, phone and written emails)
  • Interpersonal skills (networking, work relationships, conflict resolution and office politics)
  • Self-Awareness (Learning their personality style, strengths, and the key careers that match them)
  • Teamwork (working well in a team in the workplace)
  • Optimism (staying positive in new situations, how to use negative feedback as a gift)
  • Resilience (bouncing back from setbacks, dealing with ambiguity and stress)
  • Adaptability (working with other generations, new assignments, and new people)
  • Being Proactive (learning about the company, department and how your team is measured for success, getting feedback on performance and making
  • needed changes to rapidly improve)
  • Time Management (giving a full-day’s work despite social media, punctuality, balancing work and friends and family)
  • Problem Solving (particularly at work, will practice on multiple work scenarios)
  • Integrity (how to meet demands at work in a way that balances quality and timeliness, building trust and following values at work)
  • Empathy (understanding others and paying attention to body language and voice tone to really understand coworkers and customers)
  • Critical Thinking (ability to gather information and others ideas and make decisions, questioning assumptions from different angles)

Along with soft skills, there will be training on work-ranking processes, how to work well with managers, understanding and using work metrics, goal setting and achievement, and other important work topics. The students will spend 10 weeks in class and then 6 weeks in an internship at a local business for one hour each day. This will give them an opportunity to practice what they learned and to get a letter of recommendation from the company, which most students these days do not have. We have multiple companies already set up for internships in Caldwell.

Student Assessments

The students will take multiple assessments that will identify their personality type, their strengths, their interests and their emotional intelligence. This will help them to interact and learn about their own as well as others’ personality styles. They will become better at identifying personality traits and how to work well with each personality type. These will also help the students understand and be a little bit more tolerant of the behaviors of others. These assessments will give the students a work profile which will help them select careers, advanced schooling and understand how to sell themselves as the right candidate for jobs when they apply.

These assessments cost $100 per student—and your sponsorship will make it possible.