Lorna Johnston

Lorna is an international woman of business. She has over 25 years of experience in human resources, training and development, finance and hotel operations for Fortune 500 companies throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. She has acquired extensive knowledge on five-star hotel businesses through her experience working for Hilton™, Sheraton™, Hyatt Regency™, Sands Casino™, and the Venetian Resort & Casino™ hotel.

She brings this expertise to SPOT International, providing consultation to hospitality and service businesses in the United States and throughout the world. She is looking to take your business to the highest level of quality and service.
Lorna’s work at the Venetian Resort Hotel in Macao, China represents the quality and focus she applies to all of her endeavors. She created, implemented, and administered nearly 18,000 multilingual standard operating procedures that are also widely used throughout hotels in Singapore and the United States. Her work and team leadership garnered her the prestigious Bravo Award for Outstanding Leadership.

Lorna is passionate about mentoring and coaching she works closely in aligning leaders’ thoughts, emotions, strategies and visions in new establishments and locations. Working with people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds energizes and motivates her to find the best practices for all of her clients. Her trademark is delivering personalized service, earning her accolades from well-respected political figures from around the world. Lorna’s unrelenting work ethic has even earned her the nickname of “Pit Bull” as she won’t let go of any project that has not been resolved to the level of expectation she was tasked to.

In working with Lorna, the qualities I most admired were her “passion” for getting the job done, her high standards of performance, professionalism and dedication to achieving the best results for the company and her team. In managing the Technical Writing team Lorna accomplished the nearly impossible goal of writing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures for almost all departments at the Sands Casino & Venetian Resort Casino – Hotel Macao prior to its official opening.”
Paul Temple

Lorna has excellent attention to details, coupled with her great passion for achieving excellence.
While working throughout the pre-opening of the Venetian Macau Resort Hotel it was an honour and a privilege to work together with Lorna to achieve a higher standard of services. Lorna has a wealth of knowledge and skills to share with anyone who is in touch with her, they will benefit greatly from it.”
Raul Estevez

Lorna… Wow. I was truly inspired by your hard work and dedication. I was also very engaged in your business incentives.… I had so much fun listening to you and how potential employers could use your courses for their employees.”
Denisse Macias, Executive in Global Management