The Most Important Thing In Life is to Know Who You Are

How many times do we hear people say, “I’m confused in life, I really don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know myself anymore!”

Learning to box is something that I recently discovered I can do and consistently do at a certain level. Understanding that I have limitations in this sport is something valuable for me to be aware of, so I will not be expecting that I can throw punches like George Foreman. Understanding my anatomy will stop me from delusions that could bring me disappointment, pain let alone serious harm to myself.   Allowing myself to enjoy this sport once or twice a week with a trainer or an occasional sparring partner is just what my body can take.

Knowing the importance of understanding my capacities came about years ago when I met friends and clients confiding their problems, challenges and downfalls I realized that 80% of their challenges came from not seeing or knowing what they are capable of.

Self-knowledge, is essential in figuring out what’s optional and not optional to our individual well-being. There’s power – and sometimes conflict – in knowing ourselves and letting that understanding help guide our life.

There are a million ways we come to understand the nuances of who we are. Most of us have probably taken personality tests of some sort for work or fun. The legitimate ones can be illuminating. We need to ponder and understand how this kind of new discovery can catapult us into a new life. We have to be prepared to make the change that will lead us to successful paths. But we must be aware that the science behind these tests should not dictate and make us feel confined by their definitions. Nonetheless, under the right conditions, they can be a good catalyst for self-reflection and realization. We inevitably gain self-understanding through our relationships, which can be an awakening moment to our strengths and weaknesses, our assets and insecurities. Parenting, for one, can shine a whole new light on our personal vulnerability. Harsh circumstances or events may pare us down to a definitive core. Challenges test us, but we also grow from them. Age in general inevitably reveals more because we learn over time. Life, as it progresses, has a way of showing us what we are made of and what we are capable of. Likewise, learning to accept one’s self is one of the genuine gifts of growing older.

The experience of self-discovery is undoubtedly a challenging mountain to climb. Most knowledge comes gradually without immediate impact. Still, those moments of true realization can offer a surprising release from years of self-doubt or guilt. It may be something as ordinary as finally admitting I am a controlling person, a highly sensitive type, or a “type A” personality. Alternatively, it can be something more striking like recognizing a mental health disorder, I have so many friends that were stricken with a lifelong mental disorder, some just couldn’t handle it and bailed out of life. In most cases, the experience affirms long-held intuition, which can offer a sense of reassurance. Nonetheless, the realization can change the way you think about your past – your successes and failures, your life choices and relationships. Self-realizations can shift the ground underneath us, but they can also open up whole new fields of vision in doing so. Thus the sooner we know who we are, the clearer we see the path we are going and it is easier to navigate our success in life.

How we come by self-knowledge inevitably varies. What we do with these, I think, is the pivotal question.

Acknowledging the influence of our innate genetic dispositions doesn’t exclude valuing how those patterns play out in our individual identities. I’d argue that respecting the evolutionary dimensions of ourselves fosters a richer, more compassionate sense of our own – and others’ humanity.

Sometimes what we also need is to have someone guide us and see us from a different perspective. Choosing the right people to mentor or coach us depend on the areas we needed them the most. I have a few mentors, one is a spiritual advisor, another is a marketing strategist and the other is a fitness coach. These are the areas that I will need their expertise to improve and guide to be better in my personal and business life.

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