A Successful Event

Boise, Idaho—SPOT International, an up-and-coming service-training company based in Boise Idaho, just finished their first public local event dubbed The Key to Excellence, and all who attended attested it was a success. During this two-hour exclusive event for hoteliers, restaurateurs and the service industry, graciously hosted by Wyndham Garden, attendees learned about the Key to Excellence for delivering outstanding service.

The highlight of the afternoon was a journey around the world through captivating stories and examples that portrayed guest service at its best. Lorna Johnston, SPOT’s CEO, developed the Key to Excellence while training the entire hotel staff at an high-class hotel and resort in the Philippines, and brought it from a two-star lever to a five-star in just a couple of years. She based the Key to Excellence on two pillars: Service Core Values and Service Core Standards.
Attendees left with great tools and key ideas to help them aim toward excellence in service, they learned what it takes to bring their teams together to work as one, and they were shown that it is possible to increase guest satisfaction without straining their budgets.

Lorna Johnston guarantees that improved service through these two pillars of service excellence will make a big positive impact on your bottom line, “Ask yourself, what is the purpose of delivering a high standard of service? Some will say to increase profit, to get the guest to come back, stability at work, etc. But Service Excellence is not just about getting the guest to come back. The purpose of delivering a high standard of service is to make your guests look forward to coming back. When they look forward to coming back the price becomes irrelevant and your margin improves. The visit becomes frequent and they promote the experience to their family and friends.”

During this afternoon event SPOT International also introduced two key players of the company: Sterling Mortensen and Silvia Frassa. SPOT International brings world-wide experience in service excellence to the hospitality and service industry, and is bound to make a big impact locally as well as nationally.


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