SPOT International brings the Key to Excellence to Boise hoteliers and restaurateurs

Boise, Idaho—Promising company SPOT International is bringing a complimentary event to hoteliers and restaurateurs in the City of Trees. Co-sponsored by the Wyndham Garden Hotel, the Key to Excellence presentation will bring to the forefront the important issues facing the service industry today and teach the key players of these companies how to effectively solve and prevent them, with a surprisingly human touch in this modernizing world.

Lorna Johnston will be the main presenter, and is bringing her international experience in service from the hotels and restaurants ofMiddle East and Asia to the flourishing city of Boise—a metropolis that is becoming more prominent in the United States and now also an increasingly recognized city worldwide. Those who decide to attend the Key to Excellence event will learn the secrets of the industry, and understand why prominent Princes and Princesses of the Middle East would change hotels to follow Ms. Johnson when she decided to work for a different hotel. This promises to be not only an educational and entertaining event, but one that will change forever the relationship between service companies and their guests.

The event will take place Wednesday, January 20, 2016 from 2:00 pm till 4:00 pm at the Wyndham Garden Boise Airport 3300 S Vista Ave Boise, ID 83705. Those interested in taking advantage of this great opportunity can register, free of charge, via

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